Cool Cruisers Member’s/Annual Meeting-Issue 375


Cool Cruisers                            December 05, 2021                                                  

P.O. Box 9651                                                                               

Springfield, Il 62791-9651



President John Carpenter called the 375th Members' Meeting of the Cool Cruisers Car Club to order at 12:30 PM, in conjunction with the club’s Annual/Holiday Party.  Welcome all, a good turnout.


A huge thank you to Debbie Pellegrini and her committee of Sindy Landreth (our new Vice-President), Jack Germann and Jane Mihalich for a great Holiday Party.  They did an awesome job, and the party was a huge success.


We had a great year; we were able to donate almost $7,000 dollars to local charities.   A huge, huge thanks to our club officers, members, participants at our events and our great sponsors, without them it would not have been possible. 


We had several Saturday morning Cars and Coffee cruise ins at Inclusion City in Pleasant Plains (one of our awesome sponsors) and plan on having several in 2022.


We purchase a new trailer at almost half price, the old one had the wheels driven off it, along with many other problems.  Put some nice wheels on it and Bill Canham provided needed graphics. In cleaning out the old trailer found a participation award from 1995, might have been the last one for the club until this year when the club won the participation award at the Powerlight car show. We are on the right track.


The board determined that the club needed a new logo.  After looking at some we were not making any progress until I presented a logo with Fred Flintstone in sunglasses looking suave, driving the Flintstone mobile with Wilma standing next to it looking hot in a mini dress.  The board very quickly voted it down and that is when we came up with Abe Lincoln driving a Lincoln for Abe’s hometown.  Thus, our new logo was adopted.


Along with the new logo we needed new T-Shirts made up and a big thanks to Sindy Landreth who took charge and made the sale of them very successful.  Also, if interested you can buy one in orange to match mine.


We had an election for the executive officers of the club last month and I know that at least one person voted for me.  Officers for 2022 and 2023 are President – John Carpenter, Vice President – Sindy Landreth, Treasurer – Jim Mihalich and Mary Ann Archer, Secretary.  The board has helped me doing my duties and without their support and help the club would not be as successful as it is now.  Thanks all.

We need to thank Greg Cooper and wife Sue for all they do for the Springfield and surrounding area car community.  They have put on the Powerlight car show at Knights Recreation Park for the past 8 year.  It is one of central Illinois largest car show and this year they took on the RT. 66 Mother Road Festival and did an excellent job.  Thank you, Greg, and Sue.


I would like to thank our awesome board who does everything from parking, selling items, taking money

whenever they can, setting up and taking down for events.


Along with them we have several awesome volunteers who help at our events; Jane Mihalich, Kay Cantrall, Jack Germann, Ron Hoen, Jim Gatlin, Jeff Langley, Pam Scattergood.  Kathy Koopman and John White.  John White does an awesome job of taking pictures using cameras and drones, and putting on Facebook.  A special thanks to Pam Scattergood who took on the role of Membership Director.  Thanks all.


We have many members who belong to other area car clubs, i.e., RTE 66, 97 Cruisaders and we are not competing we are there to help each other out.


A huge thanks to our sponsor, they are such a big part to our success. Thank you, Phil Novak, Vern’s Automotive, Phoenix Collision, O’Reilly’s, Inclusion City Coffee & Car SPA, Dustin Shuerman Insurance, Servicemasters, Motorheads and Firefighters club.  Please patronize our sponsors.  Thanks Phil and Steve Goulden (Vern’s Automotive) for attending and all you do for us.  We will be losing some of 2021 sponsors but will be adding sponsors, looking forward to Jenifer Sellers State Farm Insurance coming on board in 2022.


Saving the best for last, I want to thank all of the cruisers who come out and participated in our events, Without your participation we would not be successful.  Looking back to 2020 (did not have a wrap up meeting) and only had 3 cruise ins that year but broke a donation record of $8870.  Thanks to everyone who donated towards B.C.A.  I want to give a special thanks to Derek & Malissa Roberts of Recon Tech, Omar Hernandez at La Fieste Grande and Jeff Clatfelter from Back the Blue.  Jim had the check made out for $4700 and we were about to present to American Cancer Society, then Derek approached me and said hold on, Derek, Omar, and Jeff had gotten together and donated another $1600 bring the total to $6300.  Our cruise in attendance for 2021 was 1094 cruisers at events, a new record.  Paid registration fee for a total of $5485, $1700 in 50/50 and donated $6651 therefore registration fees and $1166 50/50 dollars was donated to charities. 


Recap during John Carpenters duties as club President for the past 4 years.


Donated $24,202.26 to charities.

The club membership has grown from 94 to 177.

Record cruise in attendance of 1094 a record.


Jim Mihalich gave the Treasures report - had some, spent some, got some and still have some.  A great year.


Greg Cooper led us in prayer before our excellent meal.


Thank you, Kathy, for a great trivia.  Tis the season. 


We had a great quarter and silent auctions.  Lots of prizes and happiness. 


To John Carpenter a huge thank you for an awesome job.  We are looking forward to several more years with you in charge.


Happy Birthday to Jack Germann and Jim Mihalich, you are not getting older but better.


Check out the website ( as it gets updated with our 2022 events


Next Meetings

Will be a combined Board and Member’s meeting on February 1st, 2022, at Top Cats,  – come early to eat so meeting can start at 6:30 PM.


Adjournment:   Have a great Holiday everyone, see you all next year

Mike Cantrall and Jim Mihalich conducted an annual random audit (on December 05, 2021), of Cool Cruiser's finances for 2021 as prescribed in the By-Laws.
Generally the audit complied with common and accepable accounting practices.
Recommendation:  (1) Improve and require more specific receipt detail before disbursing funds.  (2) File minutes of member meetings approving financial report.