Cool Cruiser's Newsletter




December 05, 2017   

Cool Cruisers Car Club                                                                                                                        Issue 345          

3149 S. 3rd St. Springfield, IL 62703                                                              


December Membership Meeting: 

Duane Weiss called the 345th Members' Meeting of the Cool Cruisers Car Club to order at 6:58 PM. 


Duane passed around to the members pictures of Sindy and Jerry Landreth niece and the service dog she will be getting Monday.  The club made a donation last year to this.


J.C. gave the Treasurer's Report.  Motion made by Jim Mihalich to receive, seconded by Angela Weiss,  Accepted.


December birthdays:   Happy Birthday to  Laura Clevenger and Jim Mihalich.  Enjoy your day.


December Anniversaries:  Congratulations to Millie and John Blair on their 53rd anniversary.


Web Site - Current.


Old Business:

Christmas Party is Sunday December 10th.  All is ready.  Thanks Duane and Angela.


Jim will be presenting special awards for Road Trip attendees at the Christmas Party. 


J.C. has the 2018 club calendars and will hand out at the Christmas Party.  Thanks again J.C for making this happen.


New Business:

Ryan and John thanks everyone for attending.


Martha Darling made the motion, seconded by Jim Mihalich to elect J.C. as Treasure and Dan Darling made the motion, seconded by John Carpenter to elect Mary Ann as Secretary.  Both elected. 


J.C. requested and received approval from the board to pay the annual premium of $250.00 for the clubs two million dollars Liability Insurance.


Decembers' board meeting will be the Route 66 Restaurant on December 26th.  The January, February and March member meetings will be at the Char House.


Door Prizes:

Ed Van Del Wal - $10.00 card from Lowes

Dan Darling  - $10.00 Card from Quick & EZ

John Carpenter - $10.00 card from Dairy Queen

Jerry Landreth - $10.00 card from Olive Garden


Great Trivia  Duane.


Martha Darling made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Angel Weiss, Thanks be to all!


Board Chair Archer submitted Ryan Miller for President and received approval from present Club Members.  Board Chair Archer submitted John Carpenter for Vice President and received approval from present Board Members.    Thank you Ryan and John for being there for the club.


Next Meetings:

December  26, 2017  Board Meeting @ Route 66 Restaurant @ 6:30 PM

January 02, 2018 Members Meeting @ Char House on Dirksen @ 7:00 PM


Corporate Sponsors for 2017 are Auto Zone And Steak n Shake: Thank you for your support


President: Duane Weiss: 217-652-7202                 Board Chairperson:        John Archer: 217-787-4480

Vice President: Ryan Miller: 217-585-1590           Vice Board Chairperson: Jim Mihalich: 217-891-3434                                                                            Secretary:  Mary Ann Archer: 217-787-4480         Bill Russell: 217-496-3137                            

Treasurer: J.C. Hardy: 217-528-1590                     Debbie Childress: 217-652-6614                            

                                                                                Marcia Allen: 217-528-1590

                                                                                Jane Mihalich: 217-891-3434

                                                                                Jack Germann: 217-585-1590

                                                                                John Carpenter: 217-891-4910


********************REMEMBER IT IS JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT********************